Fire Safety

Fire Safety

The Northland region of the New Zealand Fire Service have a monthly campaign to promote public awareness of various fire safety issues.  These range from prevention to how to be prepared for emergency situations.

These campaigns are changed each month.  A brief description of the campaigns run during the year follows.  If you would like to participate in any of these campaigns please contact us at the Russell Fire Station.  Your involvement might be anything from providing space for posters and leaflets in a retail or service outlet, to arranging a time for us to present to a school, marae, business or other community group.

We also have an ongoing campaign to see smoke alarms installed in every home in our district.  These installations are free.  If you don’t have smoke alarms in your home please contact us to arrange to have them fitted.


Lighters, matches, candles & cigarettes

Matches and lighters are tools not toys.
Keep them out of the reach of all children.


Home Safe Home, Get out – stay out

Never go back into a burning building.


Smoke Alarms, escape plans

Change your clock – check your smoke alarm.


Heaters (gas & electric), chimneys

Check heaters and sweep chimneys annually.


Electric Blankets

Have your electric blankets checked every year.


Kitchen, cooking

Kitchen fires are the number 1 danger in your home.


Commercial, apartments, fire alarms

Check you building evacuation plan.


Smoke Alarms, escape plans

Smoke alarms and escape plans enhance your chance of survival.



Carry a fire extinguisher in your vehicle and know how to use it.


Guy Fawkes, Halloween

Store and use fireworks in a safe manner.



Keep a clear area around your home.


BBQ, caravan, boating

Take care with campfires during summer.