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2018 Competition information


We are pleased to say that The Fishing Tournament this year is being held at the Russell Fire Station.

The dates of the tournament are Friday 6th April and Saturday 7th April 2018. Entries are open now, so get the application form in as soon as possible!

PLEASE NOTE:  All entries are to be paid by cash or cheque only,  no eftpos available this year



For any queries, please contact Adam Davey 0274 886 212 or email



Gamefish Tournament Rules for 2018

1.Participation a. Contest open to all Brigade and Ex-Brigade Personnel and associate members. b. Ladies Section open to wives, girlfriends etc.

  1. Fishing Fishing for named species with rod and reel ONLYa. Billfish Marlin – all species (Black, Blue, Striped), and Broadbill. Marlin Min. weight  75kg to be eligible for trophy and prizes b. Tuna Blue Fin, Yellow Fin and Big Eye c. Yellowtail Kingfish Min. length 750mm – limit 3 per angler per day, maximum of 6 per boat per day. d. Sharks Hammerhead, Mako, Blue, Thresher, Bronze Whaler, Tiger  (min. 100kg) e. Snapper Min. length 300mm – limit 1 per angler per day (No points for Snapper)

g.Broadbill may be caught on any line weight up to 60kgs on either nylon or braid,  from stop fishing on Friday at 1700hrs til start fishing at 0700hrs on Saturday.  This is its own individual section as point will not be allocated to overalls tournament points.

NOTE: Broadbill still count towards tournament points if caught during normal tournament hours.  See rule 2 Section A

  1. Line Weight Line weight classes up to and including 37kg
  2. The weigh master may request all tackle use in the capture or tag and release be presented to them,  a sample of line may be taken to be tested for line class.
  3. Points Awarded Points are awarded on the following formula: Weight of fish x 100 / line weight. 30% bonus points for under 24kg line. 30% penalty points for over 24kg line. Sharks and kingfish are awarded 35% of formula above
  4. Tag and Release Points


37kg line class – 350points

24kg line class – 400points

Under 24kg line class – 450points

Shark, Tuna and Short billed Spearfish – 100points

Yellowtail Kingfish – 25points


  1. IGFA Rules All fish must be caught in accordance with IGFA rules.

7.Fish Weighing a. All fish to be weighed at Russell ONLY b. All fish must exceed line weight except Billfish & Sharks & Snapper (see 2a, 2d & 2e)

8.Weigh Sheets & Tag Cards To be completed BEFORE arrival at Russell Wharf

  1. Fishing Area Poor Knights to Cape Karikari

10.Fishing Times Friday 0700 – 1700 hrs Saturday 0700 – 1600 HRS Optional return to base or stay out Friday night only (notify your intention to Russell Fire)

  1. Radio Call Up Friday & Saturday 1205 hrs Friday 1705 hrs Saturday 1605 hrs Please call in all hook ups and captures Radio Frequency VHF Channel 03 Base Station “Russell Fire” on air Friday 0630 – 1900 hrs Saturday 0630 – 1900 hrs
  2. Please be aware that on Saturday the last day of fishing all tag cards and fish must be presented to the Russell Weigh Station by 1800hrs to qualify as a tournament fish.


Any further format or rule changes will be notified at the briefing. At least 1 team member per team MUST be present at the briefing.